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Social policy and charity

Inzensky Woodworking Plant can rightfully be called a locomotive of not only economics, but also the social sphere of its town and district, as the local budgets are a great deal filled due to the PlantТs tax allocations. Provision of new workstations, a high level of wages among the district and regional enterprises do most vividly characterize the social policy of the Plant.

Professional upgrading of the employees, their cultural development, recreation and healthy way of life are the priorities of Inzensky Woodworking Plant social policy. A major part of the employees are members of a professional trade union. Administration and trade union committee enjoy equal rights at the enterprise and are acting as real partners. The own training centre for employeesТ professional upgrading has been organized at the Plant. The top managers and executives of the Plant pass ad hoc training and professional upgrading at the best profile higher educational institutions of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Inzensky Woodworking Plant acts as the main sponsor of such significant regional projects as a construction of the municipal stadium, repair of the reanimation department of the central regional hospital, reconstruction of the kindergarten at one of the town districts. The sponsored by the Plant DOZOVETS football club, being the combined team of Inza, is a participant of the Ulyanovsk regional Championships. The Plant supports childrenТs and sport organizations, veterans, grants its assistance to the Orthodox Churches. Our enterprise conducts a significant contribution to the social and cultural development of the native town and region.