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    Flexible elements
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    Birch plywood Gost 3916.1-96
Bent-glued parts


Flexible elements

Ad hoc wooden products for furniture-making industry latoflex, being bent glued elements, are used in manufacture of beds, sofas, and other kinds of furniture.
  1. Part profile view:
    arched with a one bend.

  2. Bend radius, mm:
    4000(R4), 8000 mm(R8).

  3. Part dimensions and tolerances, mm:
    • length R4 up to 1000+1, R8 up to 1550+1
    • width 20-170+0.5
    • thickness 8-16+0.5

  4. Applied glue
    EI emission class (KFMT-15, KF ES resin-based).

  5. Material
    Birch veneer (peeled, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm thick)

  6. Outer part surfaces:
    • faced with texture paper with finish-effect;
    • glue (applied with a thermal treatment).
    Options of outer surfaces treatment are available as on a customers order. For example: paper/glue, glue/glue, paper/paper.

  7. Part edges:
    longitudinal part edges milled with rounding.

PC INZENSKY Woodworking Plant manufactures a wide rank of bent-glued furniture parts, including the parts with:

  • curvilinear edge;
  • pin;
  • functional slot;
  • compensative holes;
  • decorative stamping of a face surface.