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General Director of OOO PF Inzensky Woodworking Plant Kupriyanov V.N.

Dear visitors of a site of Inzensky Woodworking Plant! Colleagues! Friends!

In 2020, Inzensky Woodworking Plant celebrated its 115-year-old anniversary. The centennial lived by the enterprise, makes the whole historical epoch. Our plant has passed a bright labour way from the begetting of manufacture at the beginning of the XX th century through the developing during the industrialization to the creation of the large industrial complex.

At the end of the XX th century the plant as well as all the country went through the difficult period of change of the socioeconomic structure and transition to the market economy. Now Inzensky Woodworking Plant is a modern competitively enterprise with the modernized manufacture and strong positions on the domestic and world market. As at the beginning of its history, now Inzensky Woodworking Plant is the leader of the industry of the region and one of the leaders of woodworking industry of Russia.

It is the merit of several generations of the remarkable workers of the plant who gave their energy and talent to the enterprise. I am sure, that in future Inzensky Woodworking Plant will also work fruitfully for the welfare of the city and the region!

General Director Vladimir N. Kupriyanov


16, Zavodskaya street, 433030 Inza, Ulyanovsk Region, Russia
Phone: (84241) 2-64-67
Fax: (84241) 2-44-61
e-mail: info@inzadoz.ru